I'm 19 and I've never found anyone special?

I'm 19 and am about to start my second year in college. in my life, guys have been interested in me, but I have never felt an emotional attachment to any of them. I could just not visualize us together, so I remained single. where I live, there aren't many attractive guys. And since I have to marry within my religion , its quite hard to find an attrwvtive guy who fits that description. I have no guy in my life that I would want to start a family or relationship with. I would rather just keep them as friends. Since I do wanna get married soon, I want to find the right guy and marry the one I have feelings for prior to marriage. If I don't find a guy by about 24, I will have to have an arranged marriage with a guy who i don't know at all and will just know for a couple of weeks before marriage. I don't want that. Plus, the guy will be chosen by my mom and dad, which find guys attractive who are totally not my type. I like edgy, dominant, sexy, and "push me against a wall and do what you want with me" kind of guys with a bit of tenderness ( so basically a guy who's a family guy but knows when to be bad only for me 💦💦). They like guys who look like complete pussies and pansies and are completely dorky looking. What do I do?


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  • well whatever your religion is i suggest not be a part of it and refuse an arranged marriage, because its not your parents or anyone elses business who you decide to choose in life,
    plus with all your "self" pride which is very unattractive to guys, i dont think a guy would love you, unless he's a player out to use you. because the guys you seem to be into are the violent player types.

    • I've actually met guys who are exactly my type (edgy, but family oriented ) but they just weren't into me or weren't single

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    • Some approached me and others I approached

    • ok good, next time dont approach guys every girl wants. than you will get a guy

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  • Give it time. You're only 19 LOL and even if you don't marry before 24 that's fine. Plenty of people get married late nowadays (like mid to late 30s) cause theyre all too busy focusing on careers and stuff of that sort. You wouldn't wanna settle for someone you don't love now would you? My advice is when you meet a guy who seems like he would be your type don't be afraid to approach him. You could miss an opportunity to get to know him if you just wait. Good luck!

    • Thank you ❤ but I have to get married around 24 . no later, my culture sucks

    • Well my culture thinks that any woman not married before age 30 are "leftover women" and stereotype them as unattractive and too old to find a good husband. Idgaf about that LOL if I'm single at 35 then I'm for sure gonna be happy that I am. I mean, it's your life- you don't have to let cultural norms dictate what you do especially such an important factor in your life.

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  • Dude just relax. You got plenty of time. You dont need an arranged marriage. Your an adult. You call the shots.

  • Your standards are too high.

    • Not really. The kind of guys I like have liked me back (they are just like the ones I am attracted to physically), but they didn't have the personality that I'm attracted to.

    • Really. Standards are about the whole package, not just looks.

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  • They exist!

    Honestly, try dating sites. DATING, not hook up. I read "arranged marriage at 24" and realize you don't have *too much* time to do it.

    The one you're after is very social, sweet, and polite. It's a HUGE front. lol

    You'll find him!

    • Thank you so much for the support ❤ you just gave me a lot of hope

  • Don't worry. 19 is too young for finding someone special.

    • People around me that are my age are already married to the one they love

    • Married?
      At 19? :O
      Don't look at them.
      Life is too short to waste half of it in marriage.

    • My culture is dumb asf. People who are 17 get engaged to 26 year olds. I'm not gonna marry anyone who's older than me by more than 2 year. Either the same age or 2 years

  • There's an app for that. No really, they have dating websites for everything 😜 Might seem taboo in your religion to online date (I don't know lol) but it's a great way to meet people when you're not interested in the people around you.