Is she doin the ignore test or something else?

I met this girl last year and she's wonderful! We get along great, and everything is going smooth. About two months ago I asked her if she would be my one, she kinda freaked out telling me that she doesn't know if she could do the long distance since she's leaving town to do her PHD, and that she wanted to go with the flow. This is after she kissed me, so I held her hand and told her that "I understand and I know you got a lot on your plate and I don't want to put any pressure on you. I really like you and your amazing" she replies "I don't want anything to change between us or think of me differently" I told her "no way, I still feel the same way"... After that day she started to call me 3 to 5 times day, so in my head I'm like cool things are getting better. So about a month ago we met up for coffee and she started telling me I'm glad things are working out between us. Later that day she came over and we hung out and never stopped talking. I walked her to her car and she grabbed my arm, and we kissed. The next day she was complaining about a headache and checked on her later that day to see if she was okay. The next day I texted her a good morning text and didn't get a reply so before passing out I sent her another text telling her I hope your feeling better, and hope you have a great night. Got no response. Waited til the afternoon and decided to call and check up on her, and she never answered or returned my phone call. So I waited a couple more day and sent her a text asking if she was still up for movie night. Her reply was "hey sorry, cant" so I replied saying "no worries, next time and hope you have a great day" she said "you too!" So I decided to back off and gave her space.. well its been a little over a month now, and not knowing is getting a little frustrating, but I don't want to come off as needy or anything like that. I just don't want to push her away. I really like her! So is this a ignore test?


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  • its not a test, she's either got something going on or she's not interested in you anymore and has found someone else


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  • Look like its a message that she's not interested in you any more. I'll just stop messaging her and move on if I were you because it's disrespectful for her to not tell you how she feel and just to cut off communication with you. You'll just have to cut off communication with her as well.

    • Well she did say she really likes me, so why the change of heart?

    • When you like a person, a person should show interest. If you really like a woman, you want to hold her hand, check on her to see how she's doing, and be affectionate. The woman you like is not giving you that in return so to it just feel like you are holding to hope by her telling you she like you with no action lately.

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