Guys, What was your experience like dating a Scorpio girl?

I'm a Scorpio girl & just curious to read about your favorite & least favorite personality traits about fellow Scorpions lol :P Was it a happy relationship or did it end badly? What initially attracted you to her? Do you have any regrets? Would you date a Scorpio female again? Could you see yourself marrying her? What's your Zodiac sign? Biggest cliché ever but... Was she good in the bedroom? Lol :P Thanks in advance for answering my questions! :)


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  • I dated a Scorpio. I'm Taurus. I'm really not into this astrology stuff but the only reason I noticed is that she kept bringing it up while we hung out at Starbucks on a first date. She started looking up our compatibility right away which seemed really weird to me but she was cute so I kind of overlooked it.

    She worked at a flower shop which was pretty far, almost 40 minutes from where I lived. I found her really cute, little bit shy.

    I don't know if I'd say she was good in the bedroom. She just kind of lay there and waited for me to make a move (again shy). That said, I was really into her. She had this cute thing going and I found her surprisingly sexy when she took off her clothes. To me a woman is "good at sex" if I'm really into her, that's about it. She might as well do nothing at all if I really find her attractive in the bedroom.

    However, she then turned all psycho on me after that -- started sending me pictures of her face every day and saying she missed me. I didn't mind it at first until she started asking me to move in with her in her flower shop when we really didn't know each other that well.

    I kind of blew her off. That whole interest in astrology in the beginning to me also seemed a little bit crazy to me.

    As for dating a Scorpio again, I'm married so nope. If I was single, probably because I don't put any stock into astrology.

    • Thanks for answering my question lol :) I think it's safe to say that Scorpio girls become a little obsessive when they really like someone so I can see that happening lol :P I know it's not good to generalize but every Scorpio person I've ever met seems to have a shy streak & are generally introverted. Thanks for sharing :)

  • your question is irrelevant because your astro/zodiac sign doesn't determine who a person is in any way.

    • This is something I've studied/looked into for a very long time lol :) If you don't believe in Zodiac signs why did you waste your time replying to my question? Lol :)

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    • Aquarius

    • That's what I suspected! Lol :)

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