How do you know if you actually love your significant other or just the idea of them?

Before I dated my boyfriend or knew anything about him, I loved him.
Sounds weird, I know.
But I think I had a good reason as to why I liked him so much even before I actually knew him.
he's hilarious!! he doesn't drink, he doesn't smoke, he doesn't curse, he's super super cute, he's was a virgin.

we are currently dating and I ponder about if I just like the idea of him..

We don't have a lot in common. (Besides music) He's in introvert and im a huge extrovert. He's crazy about sports. I don't know anything about sports. His taste in movies is different than mine.

Although I do think we meet each other halfway.


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  • When you don't know much about them before you start dating and then find out they're different than you imagined this is proof you fell in love with the idea of them.


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