Aghhhh I don't know what to do so can anyone please help?

-I jokingly told my friend I was interested in one of her friends cause I dreamt about him recently and always thought he seemed like a nice guy (i kinda know him cause she introduced us once already but we never interacted very personally)
-She said he was single so she told him about me
-He agreed to get to know me (? Not sure cause she just told me to contact him)
-I contacted him via Facebook messenger and we actually had a pretty good but short convo (he was super enthusiastic too but that might just be how he texts)
-We've been texting for 4 days so far (I'm always the one initiating but he responds really enthusiastically)
-I haven't even talked to him about WHY I even contacted him because frankly I don't know.. I was just going by direction of my friend...
-In this situation it it expected that we try and date each other or something? I'm really confused as to the objective of me talking to him cause we don't even have any classes together and are about to go off to different but local colleges...


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  • He knows why you contacted him

    • LOL I don't know why though... I just contacted cause my friend told me to but now I don't know what to do XD
      I'm not sure what she told him too... Not sit did she said I wanted to date him or if she said I just wanna get to know him
      Which is whyyyy in holding back on asking him out

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