He's not talking to me as much anymore?

So I've been talking to this guy for like 3 weeks. He says we are in a relationship. But, lately he hasn't been talking to me as much. Is it okay if I ask him if everything is ok? How should I word it?

I feel like he may be talking to someone else... what should I do?
Anything would be highly appreciated! I'm kinda freaking out about the while situation.


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  • It is always ok to ask if everything is alright. You need to know where you stand with him. If he isn't talking to you as much, be as distant towards him, and see how he responds. It's only been 3 weeks, so a relationship is a strong word. If you don't see a positive change, move on.

    • What do you mean by distant toward him?

    • By distant, I mean to limit contact around the same level as he is limiting contact with you. These things take time and patience. If he never gets back to you, then don't reach out to him. It blows, but he needs to be into you too. If he responds, respond back, but only once, twice max. Good luck.

What Girls Said 1

  • I dont think you guys are in a relationship, people tend do say things. I would ask if everything is ok and if he doesn't respond thn i would give him some space. If you dont hear from him in awhile and you message him again and he does the same thing then i would stop talking to him

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