Why do my friends think I like him?

So my two friends think I like this one guy, but I don't, I like (insert his name)
they just think I don't realize it yet.
Thats what happened with who I like now. I said "no I don't like him" but now look. I am just friends with the guy they think I like. He likes someone else and so do I.
How do I explain it to them, that I don't like (insert his name) but (insert guy I likes name)
I already kinda tried
and it's really obvious who I like


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What Guys Said 2

  • maybe by how red faced you get around him and maybe if you hiccup or can't make a consistant sentence are all give aways you like him.

    • Umm I don't hiccup and I can say a consistent sentence to him. I don't even do that to who I actually like.

    • I don't get any of those things around him. Not even to who I actually like.

    • You may think that but we never know what we really look like from the outside.

  • Well that's gym class


What Girls Said 1

  • Tell the guy you really like that you like him so they shut up