Opinions on online dating?

just wanted to know what people's opinions of online dating were.

kinda embarrassing that i feel i have to resort to that, but I've been feeling pretty lonely and want to talk to people

I had a really bad experience using OKC the first time around... and i don't really want to pay for anything...

so opinions? good experiences, bad experiences? alternatives?


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  • It has been my experience that on-line dating is toxic.
    From a male perspective, most of the female profiles are fakes created by the site owners to generate male traffic and persuade males to part with money.
    Other female profiles are created by scammers.
    When I used a couple of sites I received about 200 messages per week (I counted) from black men in Ghana and Nigeria, who pretended very badly to be white women in far-away places.
    The profiles that were genuine were, in my experience at least, of women who had psychiatric conditions that needed professional care.
    I assume that, for females of your age, there would be a different set of problems that are equally as toxic.
    If you want to generate a few introductions and dates, my suggestion would be to use an old-fashioned introduction service. These are agencies that have a physical office and want you to do there for an interview.
    You can be certain that the men are who and what they say they are; the loons should have been filtered out; and you will be introduced to men with whom you have things in common.
    In the 18 to 35 age range, such agencies have five males to every female on their books.


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  • I don't really think anything of it, it works for some people and in some cases they actually get what they want out of it whether it'd be something casual or serious.


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  • Yea I'd say online dating isn't ideal... If anything try to find people to talk to in person. Being in school is one way, another way is meeting people at the store, at the gym, at a place like Starbucks any of those are great places to meet people in real life. Online dating has too many flaws over its benefits to make it useful!

    FYI: if you want someone to talk to just ask! I'm here 😜

    • i mean does that actually work? running into people at the store or someplace... i mean what are the chances, and it's not like you can get any sense of connection from such a brief meeting.

      im unfortunately not super social at school, projects take up a majority of my time and i live off campus so i feel like it's hard to meet people

    • Well I mean I would say it's fate to run into someone perfect and everyone has a different fate.
      For the school part, I totally met some amazing girls from my school, I also live off campus ironically and I found meeting people hasn't been a problem for me. I try to meet girls within my classes of course but outside of my classes I have met a girl or two who I just happened to see the same time at the same place every few days. Things like that make for a perfect chance to approach or even comment about it to them

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  • I think it's dumb tbh, because social media is living proof that everything that glitters is not gold. People only show you what they want you to see, so if you get romantically involved with these people you meet on the Internet lord knows what could happen