I fell asleep before he responded. Hoped he would send another message, so I didn't have to the next day, but didn't. Wait for him, or send a message?

I have a Tinder, but honestly don't take it too seriously in regards of finding someone to date or meet. It's usually just a past time for me when I don't have much else going on. So with that in mind, I rejoined it once I got home from college and ended up matching with a guy who was one year older than me from my high school. We never talked then, but he messaged me saying "I promise I didn't just swipe right because I know who you are." I messaged back and we really hit it off. Conversations flowed easily and he seemed interested by asking tons of questions. He said we should meet up before I head back to my college for summer classes, and I agreed but we didn't make a set plan. I ended the convo eventually saying "Well, I'm about to crash so I'm gonna get some sleep. Talk to you later?" He responded with "yeah for sure, just hit me up tomorrow or something?" I fell asleep before answering, so I just messaged him later that next night and asked how his Monday was going and the convo went on late that night. Eventually, I fell asleep before he messaged me back. That was Monday night. He was the last person who sent a message, but because he sent it kind of late, I was hoping he would send another the next day (yesterday) because I didn't want to seem over eager or annoying and send him the first message two days in a row. He seems really cool, and I would love to meet up just to hangout and get to know each other. We both are leaving soon, so I don't think either one of us are expecting anything to come of it, anyway.

Should I continue to wait to hear from him, or because he sent the last one, should I send him one tonight? We haven't talked since Monday night.


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  • obviously you should just message him. he doesn't know if you actually want to talk to him or not as you never messaged him back from his perspective.

    • Okay, so I did. We've been talking on and off since. Any ideas as to how I can give him my number so we can stop talking off of tinder?

    • if you like this guy and want to talk to him more just give him your number and tell him to text/call you instead. 9.9/10 he will just say ok and do it. he won't think any less of you and will probably be happy you gave him your number. some guys dont know when to ask for numbers.

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  • If you're interested in potentially starting something with him, id say go for it! Text him first. Guys are not mind readers and chances are he is probably waiting for your text so he doesn't think he's bothering you.

    in my opinion, texting etiquette is whoever receives the messages in the morning is the one to text first.

    • Ok, thanks! How should I get him my number in order to move on and actually hang out?

    • Say you enjoy talking to him and would like him to text you instead because it's easier than messaging on Tinder.