Why does he only Facebook message but not call?

I met a guy on Facebook and he told me he would like to hang out with me. I said sure and gave him my number without asking for his number.

I didn't hear from him for 5 days then I get a Facebook message that he was sorry that he was busy and how am I doing.

Is it odd that he won't call me?

He definitely wasn't busy because he had time to post articles on Facebook during that time.


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  • he was busy and/or had a change of heart and/or is scared.


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  • Voice calls are a thing of the past now

  • no some people prefer to text rather than call maybe he's shy or scared that y'all won't have something to talk about.

    • Okay, so why won't he text me? It seems like he doesn't want me to have his number. I dunno.

    • Well I gave a guy my number but he still dms me on Twitter rather than texts me, I'd say ask him about it maybe?

    • Ok. Thanks