I'm a good looking guy. Women often come on to me but once they start to see who I am, on the inside, they push away. Why?

I always receive comments about my good looks. People are always wondering why I have never had a girlfriend and some are even starting to question if I'm gay. The problem is every time I put myself out there for a woman, even when she is obviously interested, she pushes away once she starts to get to know me. I was never popular growing up and was bullied a lot so I did what I could to change who I was and become the attractive young man I am now. Part of it took me accepting my personality and who I am no matter how nerdy I was because I figured at this adult age, no one cares, but it seems like I was wrong. I get that I'm awkward quite often, but I've seen men 10 times more awkward than me in relationships that lasted years upon years. I'm not a virgin, but the majority of the times I have slept with a woman alcohol was involved and they completely pushed me away once they got to know when we were sober. It's like drunk me knows all the right moves and sober me is completely clueless. I can't be that dull right? I'm outdoors constantly, super artistic, hardworking, and always looking to have a good time. Yes I don't have a lot of money but neither do most college students. I have had some horrible and tragic things happen to me in the past however. Could those things be what's pushing them away? Rejection has always hurt a lot for me so I'm very hesitant opening my heart to someone until, especially now when I don't go for it until I know my chances are good. Every woman I throw myself out there for, I would give them the world if I could, but I'm always rejected usually within the first week and they're never straight forward about it either. So I'm just wondering what's the issue here and what do I need to work on?


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  • Could you mention what and how girls rejected you?
    We might be able to tell you what they are truly mean

    • Typically their communication starts to dwindle until it's finally non-existent. They'll be sending me huge, long texts and makin time for dates etc. for the first little while, then it slowly degrades to her making constant excuses not to meet up until we finally reach the dreaded one worded responses or no contact whatsoever. It's pretty easy to take a hint by then but I've only ever had one girl straight up be honest with me and say it wasn't going to work out. That was my latest attempt at a relationship. She says she doesn't want to date anyone this summer and wants to see where things go between us after summer is over and we're living closer to each again, but I have a feeling she's just playing nice and intends to brush me off and hope I move on.

    • So you start off as an attractive interesting guy but then things don't go beyond that.
      You need to stay interesting... hobbies... stories to tell... find commen things to talk about... ask questions and get interested in the girl's life... listen carfully... no one likes a negative person... not a single bad word about yourself. .. If they want to know let them ask... arrange to meet her in person... message can get boring very fast

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  • AH! The emotional guy! Sir, you can't be a soft guy. I am a nerd too dude and speaking out of my personal experience. Things might look tough! There is a very low of chance or party people going for you while sober! Just be yourself and don't change for anyone!

    • So my chances are low and things are going to be tough, but I shouldn't change who I am even though that's what's keeping me from finding someone? Sorry I guess I'm having a hard time following what you're saying.

    • If you target the popular people for yourself chances of getting them in your zone tend to be low, but if you get know normal people who are like you, they will accept you! Do not change so that people have to accept you! There is no point in changing yourself just to be accepted by the so called people. THere are people like you, you haven't found them yet!