If a European guy is honest to you from the beginning and has all the clear answers to your questions about him, would you stay with him forever?

Meaning he has no secrets to hide from you, and he has much more good sides than bad sides. And has common feelings and goals and interests with you.

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All comments and opinions are welcome. Any answer appreciated.
Woww girls why are you so angry and voted no? Lolz u very very angry !!


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  • Why does it have to be europian?

    • It just happened Europeans are usually very desired in international dating same as Asians Latinos etc?

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    • i think nowadays is not always easy to find the right person, few wrong ones will come and go but at the end i think we all find someone we need

    • I hope so much you are right and it will be like this for me as well.
      Cheerz and best regards. Life is a challenge.

  • What even is this question?

  • depends is we are attracted to each other and if we're compatible. If so, yes


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