Girls, Why do girls flake on me for this reason?

I'm pretty relaxed and easy going. I skydive, scuba dive, snow ski, have traveled the world (20+ countries), I go to church, I'm decent looking I think and I'm only 22. I have friends and a cool family. I've been told it's because They get too nervous, why would a girl get so nervous? I would think girls would
be interested in me for my sense of adventure and fun!


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  • You seem really great and social and friendly, girls flake because they're nervous trust me, I've been talking to this guy and he's the same as you and I'm sooo scared to meet him I might cancel, I feel intimated, or scared that they won't think I'm interesting or they won't like the way I look or that id be too awkward, and I'm sure that's how girls are with you.

    • Is there a way I can be less intimidating? I'm just really passionate about what I love! I'm def not interested in sex. I want a bestfriend!

    • hmm well I don't know!! You seem great but maybe like honestly just be yourself I don't know how you can be less intimidating haha it just is natural but she probably does like you, I like guys like that.

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  • Most girls think that you are after only one thing (sex) so they outright not meet. Try to seem less impressive and maybe it works out better.

    • What do you mean by less impressive?

    • Try to seem less omg this guy is amazing and let them find out you're really cool on a later date. For example mention that you enjoy traveling but don't say how much you travelled. Things like that. :)

    • I do! I try. But usually I have friends they know and they find all this stuff out before I even tell them! I don't want sex. I'm not interested in meaningless sex

  • "I'm pretty relaxed and easy going. I skydive, scuba dive, snow ski, have traveled the world (20+ countries)"
    Dude, you are not relaxed you sound intense 😂

    They probably get nervous because you are cute. Or they admire your passion and hobbies.

    • Is being intense good? I like watching movies and reading too! I'm just really about adventure. What do you think?

    • Yeah being intense is great! Don't change your personality. Some girl will come along to match your life style. The girls who flake are weenies and will miss out