Indian guy from the west. Worth getting plastic surgery?

Indian guys in the west have a very poor success rate with women. We know women don't find us attractive, and if they want us for anything, it's for our wealth or status or what not. Never for us for the people we are. Never for our looks.
Is it worth getting plastic surgery to look more European?


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  • Its only the low calibre ones that cannot yield any results with western women

    • what makes one low calibre?

    • You know right that not all indians are always the same?

      Low calibre - survival based , heavy interest in money and they don't respect rules that aren't indian based. They can't adopt new ideas, new accent or cultural beliefs. Tend to perve on white and Asian girls. lots of blame on others. dont have basic etiquette and tend to ask too many personal questions.

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  • Hey,

    western men would have little success with Indian women in India likewise, I am sure.

    People usually like their same type. You never need plastic surgery. You don't need a high success rate with Western women. There are many Indian women in the West too you can have success with. And however, anything can happen with everyone, so don't worry.

    • Nope, indian women crave for white men.
      Women in general usually go for white men.

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  • Whatever helps your self-esteem, go for it. Heed my warning, if you make permanent decisions to temporary problems you're basically fucking yourself.

  • It's not the looks, it's the reputation of the few bad apples that make the whole country look bad.

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