Should he pick me up on second date? or just meet there?

I'm somewhat old-fashioned in the sense that I believe that dates should consist of the man picking the girl up at their house and driving together to whatever the plan is. We plan on playing tennis and getting food later. It seems weird to meet up for tennis and then drive off again and just meet at the restaurant instead of going together. We met online so the first date we met at the restaurant. Now that it's the second date I thought he should pick me up and then we go out. Note that I still live at home with my parents. My mom is very old-fashioned and thinks the guy should come to the house. I think it might be just my mom wanting to meet the guy to make sure the guy is right for me and give her feedback since she is opinionated and wants the best for me, but I'm not sure if the right approach is suggesting him to come over and drive together? or we should meet at the place again? Last time I did this with a guy he always picked me up but never rang the bell. Eventually I told him he can come in because my mom wanted me to and I was afraid it would seem weird having the guy meet my parents so early in the game. That's of course not why it ended but I felt weird about doing that. So is it better this time to start this off correctly right away and have him pick me up and assume he may ring the bell and meet my parents from the get go or just kind of go with the flow and see what he says to do? I know on his profile he had written that he is kinda old-fashioned himself. But that is under interpretation of course.


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  • I wouldn't mind doing that but I don't think most girls are comfortable with a guy knowing where she lived that early on. Plus it's a bit too early to meet parents.


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  • It really doesn't matter.