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My boyfriend of 2 years and I broke up about 1.5 months ago. We were fighting non-stop, and he moved out. I went to see a therapist, as I was the one starting the fights, however up until last week, we barely spoke. Last Friday he asked me to dinner and we had an amazing time. He messaged me for 3 days straight saying he misses me, his family told him we would get back together etc.. He left the state for work this week, and we haven't spoken for days. He is active on Facebook, yet hasn't read my messages, and hasn't bothered to get in touch. I am confused? What does this guy want?


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  • It sounds like he is a bit confused himself. During a breakup, both people can start to miss each other, especially when you have been together for multiple years. Yet, it sounds like he had second thoughts about it after he messaged you all of a sudden.

    The real question is, what do you want? Do you want to get back together, or do you want to be done with him entirely? It is possible that the fighting will start again if you decided to get back together. Is it worth that risk?


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  • It's normal to miss someone after being together for many years. You become so dependent on one another so it'll make you feel like trying to get back again. If you guys were fighting so much and you were the one starting them, I would say let the man be. It wasn't a healthy relationship anymore and mostly likely you guys will fight again. Maybe it was his way of trying to get over you, seeing if any negative feelings came back as you guys hung out/talked.


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