I need advice about a guy, I'm very confused? We smoke?

Hi, so this guy and I met at work and smoke together, I still live with my mom,. I'm 19 and he's 22, we always after smoking end up falling asleep on the same bed together, but he never touches me or flirts, one time I asked if he wanted me to sleep on the couch, and he said no, just sleep next to me. I am getting mixed messages, please help, I really like him,


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  • aside from smoking up and passing out does he show any signs of liking you?

    • He is getting his own place soon and wants me to come over frequently when he starts living there, but otherwise not really,

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    • He did play the song wicked game, breezeblocks and some other songs that are really mellow and constantly say love

    • he may just really enjoy your companionship... or he could like you

      maybe you could just ask him how he feels about you. start by saying i want to tell you somethign and i hope it's not awkward. tell him how you feel and then ask how he feels

  • Make a move, I get nervous to make the first move some times!
    Shoot I did last night! And I'm good-looking and out going!
    Trust me make the first move like get close play with his ear or something when he's not looking then y'all make eye contact and he should move in... its a charmer. OOOOOHHH if not then like touch his lips or something! You gotta go for it!

    • I would make a move, but we work together, so I don't want to scare him off and make it really awkward whenever we work together

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  • Just wait, guys go after what they want

    • I just feel really confused. Like wouldn't you be confused?

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