How old should someone be before they go onto a serious dating website?

I'm not talking about a place to hookup. I mean a site for looking for more long term relationships.

  • Age doesn't matter. Let any age go for online dating.
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  • 18 and up
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  • At least older than 21
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  • At least older than 25
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  • Age doesn't matter: People should just do it whenever they've given up traditional dating
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  • No one should try online dating / Online dating is bad regardless of age
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  • Other / I don't know
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Depends on the site... I think dating sites that you have to pay for (like match and eharmony) should probably just be adults, like 21+ who are out of school.
    But other sites like tinder (I know a lot of people just use it for hookups, but I've seen people using it for serious relationships) that allow you to select an age range you're looking for should be open to all ages, and then you just have to adjust the age range. It's fine for 16 year olds to be on tinder as long as they are just looking for other teenagers. And then no adults (18+) should be allowed to match with a minor (under 18).


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  • Go do things you love to do. Then you'll meet someone and you both can enjoy that thing together. That's normal. Dating sites are terrible. Don't disrespect yourself like that.


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  • 21+ or anyone who is mature enough to realize that the likely hood of finding someone online who is legit and not a nutcase is no easy task.

  • 18 and up. Not everyone young wants to just hook up, some do want to find a stable relationship. So if they are looking for a serious relationship, then they can start at any legal age.


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