How can you know if he is cancelling plans because he really is busy or because he does not want to see you anymore?


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  • how would anyone on here know... He probably did cancel because you sound annoying as hell


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  • no matter how busy a person, he will make time for you if he really wanted too. Even if its a little time is better than no time at all. Trust me, he would not keep cancelling and using the excuse that he is busy if he was really into you.

    He could be busy but no one is that busy. He could make time. If he is constantly cancelling on you, he is not that interested. He is either not that serious about dating anyone or you. Bottom Line: He is just not that into you if you can see and tell that he is not making time for you or following through. That is not a reliable guy and he is showing that you are not priority to him.


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  • Did he propose another day/time?

    • I know for sure that his reasons are legitimate. He told me about these work commitments two weeks ago and he also has another appointment that is pending which means a lot to him. He texted me later in the evening to tell me he could only make time for me (and the friend who is visiting me) in the evening or late evening on Saturday but since we live a few hours apart we won t be able to make it. I ll have to decline and ask for an alternative date.
      He keeps me updated about his schedules, texts me 80% of the time, I know how and with who he spends his time, I have met his closest friends and they knew stuff about me, he drives out of his way to see me and always makes time, he is also very expressive and says how excited he is to spend time with me, he did not mind introducing himself to my mum because he is kinda old fashioned and very well mannered. He always sticks to plans and he has never been touchy in an inappropriate way. He is not rushing or pushing for sex.

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  • If it happens more than once or twice.

    When I first start seeing someone, if he has to reschedule once I give the benefit of the doubt... but if it is a regular occurrence I'm out.

  • Dont know for sure but here's some possible signs it's because he doesn't want to see u anymore:

    - If he cancels another date
    -If he doesn't text/call you anymore
    -If he starts texting/calling you much less than usually (I. e.: reply to your message days later or not at all, never text u first anymore, give brief answers now, etc)

    Possible signs he's just busy:
    -he reschedule and actually go on the date with you

    If this is his first time cancelling then you should not worry.

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