What should I do?

This girl and I met a little over a week ago, we hit it off really well, she lives 4 hrs away so we text back and forth.
We have been communicating like we already are in a relationship. Should I wait to ask if she wants to date, or ask now? I have a feeling that I might loose her if I don't.


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  • Yes, do it as soon as possible.


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  • Why don't you find a fun event to ask her too? I don't know where you live but near me there is always something fun going on (concerts, parades/festivals, the broadwalk/beach, sporting event, etc.)

    • there is a couple thousand miles separating me from her

    • Oh, You said 4 hrs... I thought you meant driving? So it's an online relationship and you never meet in person?

    • No I met her for about a couple hrs and whe talked, she had to leave the next day. Or I would of asked her out to lunch the next day.