Does this girl like me? or have I screwed it up?

So this girl i work with her. I talk to her on and off for a little bit. one day i just decided to ask her if she wanted to go eat with me on our lunch break and she said yea. Then from there i got her number and asked her to accompany me and my friend and his girlfriend to cracker barrel. She said yea so i picked her up and and then we went and we both agreed we had a good time. Then i took her back home and i hugged her. Then about 2 days after that she added me on snapchat and then as soon as i added her back she posted she needed someone to talk too on her snapchat story. So i sent her something and asked her if she wanted to talk and she said yea. so i went to meet her and then she ended up coming back to my house and we chilled. she also told me a lot of stuff i need to know about her. then she got ready to go and i hugged her. Then about 2 days after that i asked her out to the movies and dinner. she said yea and this time i wanted to be a little bit more touchy so i put my arm around her and played with her hair. She did punch me on the arm one time jokingly. The dinner went good but it took so long that it was too late to watch the movie. so i just asked her if she wants to watch the movie when she gets back from the beach and she said yea. So then 2 days from that she left for the beach with her mom. So i texted her hope you have a good time at the beach and she said thanks. then i sent her another message saying my cousin wanted to watch the movie with us so we can do that when you get back? no answer. So i waited 30 minutes and sent just let me know so i can let my cousin know. no answer But i did see her on facebook sharing a couple post. Then i waited 2 days and sent her yesterday hope you vacation is going good and be glad when you come back so we can hangout. no answer. So now im kinda freaking out im not gonna text her anymore till i see her at work which is Sunday. Did i screw up my friends say she isn't answering because she is on vacation.


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  • Sounds to me like she just sees you as a friend, sorry. If your first date was a double date, she might have thought it was just a group outing. Not answering at all is a bad sign I'm afraid. If I fancied someone I would always answer, even if it was the next day. If I was you I would ask her on a proper date, then at least you will know and not have to wait.


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  • Some people won't answer on vacation
    Also don't text more than twice, it's kinda useless/embarrassing

    Besides that, sounds like you two are actually dating.

    • is it bad that i texted her twice on that Monday and then once on Wednesday. im not going to to text her anymore ill see her Sunday at work anyways. so ill just see how she acts hopefully she acts like she did before the beach. if so i know im in the clear.

    • I can almost guarantee she'll act completely normal.
      Dunno what it is with girls and texting, but sometimes when some significant miscommunication or event happens during texting, they will seem to ignore it IRL, even though they overthink fucking everything else. Maybe they're just suppressing it.

    • Thanks i think what ill do is just see if she sais hey when i come in like she usually does or smiles at me. If so ill proceed to ask her about her vacation and and ask her out again. One thing i forget to mention in my question is. when i first started talking to her she told me she wasn't ready for a relationship right now. i told her im not either i just like to hangout and have fun. i told her lets just see what happens and she said sure. Im not sure if this changes your opinion or not only other thing is me being a little more touchy but she didn't pull away so i dont guess i screwed it up by doing that cause she acted normal after. But i just pray everything goes good Sunday.