Why did he refused to see me?

This guy i like refused to see me because i asked him to meet up after a few months and he said 'you dont know what you want with your fuckin life' and refused to come... was he afraid of me? he said he didn't feel like seeing me because 'i had my chance and i dont know what i want' he never asked me to be his girlfriend... he never said he liked me, he was just using me as a rebound he said... whats going on? did he secretly like me? i decided to let him go before because he betrayed me a bit... i kinda regret it tho


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  • MNost people at 23 don't know what they want for their life and are trying to figure out, so that doesn't sound like a good excuse. Maybe he was confused as to what you wanted in relationship?

    He doesn't sound that stable and given was on the rebound, he really didn't have anything to give. He sounds easily frustrated or confused. It may be he just wanted something casual but couldn't get that agreement (e. g. 2 months) so he gave up. It sounds like he was going to waste your time and energy.

    It is good you let him go because he betrayed you. So why are you saying you regret it? maybe you wanted someone who was a waste of time for a while, but fun?


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  • He doesn't like you and he also considers you inconsistent.


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  • no dont, this is trying to transfer his guilt to you so you will feel bad. ignore him and move on. your still young and can find better than him. his words mean nothing if there full of regret and bitterness like you have said here.

    there are better guys than this for you so dont let him get to you, and like i said your still young move on and let this guy be miserable your better than him at this point. dont stoop down to his level.

    • what guilt?

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    • why would he do that?

    • because he feels you over looked him and are now just finding him interesting. nd he doesn't want to feel like your just settling with him which is what he thinks your doing. no guy likes to be the one the girl just settles for.

  • doesn't sound like the most pleasant of people. his loss


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