Could you give me an honest opinion? If a girl you are dating said this how would you react?

I'm dating this guy... We have met and hung out every evening togegher

i think it is really really nice to find a guy who has the same interests and weirdness lol
i have left few questions before..
i have been dumped by guys because im still a virgin

not that im not ready to have sex.. I was very overweight and insecure about myself and couldnot have any boyfriend until recently.

im quite adventurous so im eager to try anything in bed or outside bed lol

to be honest I've been hurt by guys who left in the room alone after they found out im still a virgin

so i want to approach differently this time... imgonna invite him for dinner today and then ask him to stay... Im gonna also tell him that im not that experienced... Instead of saying im a virgin...

should i just not tell him anything? :/


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  • Personally I think he has a right to know because some guys don't want to take a girls virginity.
    But just be casual about it if you do tell him, mention that you're adventurous, make sure he knows it isn't about "finding that special person" because that could be what spooked the other guys.

    But in the end it's up to you!


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  • There's no need to tell him any of that as it will most likely become awkward. Also, this guy doesn't need to know about your "experiences" in life in order to like you. Unless you like make a joke about it I don't really think you should bring it up, no need.

  • I think you should tell after you're both naked


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  • Invite him over and let him know about you being inexperienced. Trust and communication play a big part in a relationship. And if he asked how inexperienced tell him. You shouldn't feel bad about not having sex already. If anything most guys will find that refreshing considering how early people lose their virginity these days. Also if YOU are comfortable enough with YOU SELF then do it. Don't do it if you are second guessing or unsure. Most importantly don't feel pressured, if a guy respects you enough he'll understand and wait. If not forget about him.