Why is my cheating ex in a successful relationship?

I got proof from both me and her first ex of cheating. She cheated on us with each other multiple times, and then dated this one guy. Now she's with this guy, she's been with him a year now! How can someone of her nature stay in a relationship, when the loyal ones are still looking? Fml


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  • Who knows? Maybe she changed. It doesn't always happen, but it can.

    Her current love life has nothing to do with yours. Don't let this bug you. Her success doesn't make you less successful.


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  • He probably treats her like crap.

    • Probably..

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    • @Barrabus_the_Free Sometimes thats not how people were built. I've gotten plenty of women and stable relationships from being a gentleman. A woman wants a man, not a pussy. But my ex cheated on everyone she's ever been with BUT THIS guy as far as a know. So far at least, I know they've been together for a year.

  • she's probably cheating on him as well

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