Is this girl inviting me on a date?

There's a girl I've been talking to on Facebook for a few weeks who is single. I've been flirty with her and she's been receptive to it but hadn't given me any flirts about my looks but she likes what I say about her. She did open up about her personal life and we have a lot in common and she was happy to hear I can relate to her and we've been messaging back and forth each day. She sent me a message asking that we should hang out and talk. Is this her asking me on a date? I really like her, but want to meet her first to get to know her better. But if it goes well I wanted to ask her out before any other guy does.



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  • just go and see what happens!


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  • Yes, she is asking you out! Wow man, you're really lucky that a girl asked you out! I mean... women only make the first move in the rarest of rare cases. SO it means you are REALLY special! :)

    • Her and I both are in the same predicament and I started messaging her first and flirting. Did I mention she is 10 years older, but she acts young and is a fun person so I will see how this goes 🙂

    • Thanks for MHO! :)

    • Your welcome!

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  • That's what it sounds like something very rare

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