If a man develops feelings for a female friend, he has no chance?

It's a well known fact that unless a man starts out with romantic intent towards a woman, he'll end up in the dreaded friend zone because apparently, women believe that men start out as friends with the ulterior motive of eventually getting into their pants. This is obviously a lie, because these women just aren't physically attracted to the men.

But what if the man did not have any ulterior motives, but as he got to know her better, he liked her personality and developed feelings for her? Is he still doomed to remain in the friend zone just because he actually got to know her before falling for her?

Anyone else please?
I need more answers please!


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  • Nahhhhhhhh I knew of a girl who said that this one guy was like a brother to her... then eventually (half a year later) they started dating and having sex. He cheated on his girlfriend to be with her (her being the girl who said that he was "like a brother to her".) It's been 2 years and I think they're still boyfriend and girlfriend.

    • Now that's encouraging (although I would never cheat).

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  • Dude if you go for it and go about it the right way and she likes you back you will get the best girlfreind ever. Though it is true that she has to be attracted to you for it to work which is a hit and miss sometimes. The thing to remember is that there is really no actual freindzone in a girls mind. She just does not see you as a potential date. Over the course of a month or two you have to act like a date and get her to consider you as a good one. The important thing to remember is if she offers you sex early on in dating she is testing you don't go for it. It is a trap to see if your just trying to get into her pants. Tell her your not dating her just for that and lightly turn her down. If she trys again then go for it with her. I wish you luck dude.

    • Thanks pal! It's highly unlikely that she'll say yes, so I will have no expectations at all from this.

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    • After you get over her are you going to try and be friends with her or are you going to just burn that bridge?

    • I would prefer to be friends with her again. In fact, I'm almost over her, and am planning to contact her in a week or so.

      We are also open to date again in the future, if situations change and we're both single at that point. But currently, there are too many variables so it won't work.

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  • Not at all. Go for it.

    • Are you sure? Because it seems like women have an unsaid rule that they'd rather take a chance with a relatively unknown dude who ask them out, instead of a man known to them for months or years as a friend.

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    • But either way you have feelings, either you don't tell her and suffer silently, or you tell her-she isn't feeling it-and you move on so you won't suffer. Sounds like you're tired of hiding it and will hurtnif you stay without telling her or if she says no, so what do you have to lose?

    • Ok, I'll give it a try then. My chances are almost nil, though. She's a popular, party type girl who keeps getting asked out left and right by the choicest of men, whereas I am just a normal, shy dude who has nothing except kindness and compassion to offer.

  • No they are not doomed to the friend zone, people fall in love with their best friends all the time

    • I have mostly known of cases where the man fell for the woman, but she did not reciprocate. Do women fall for their male friends too? even the kind of women who are popular and get a lot of attention from other men?

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    • Wow, that means you're a REALLY desirable man!

    • Absolutely, Who knows you better than your best friend? Love isn't about looks, it's about how you feel.

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