How to make him mine?

There's this guy , one year junior of mine back then in high school, I had a crush on him, he was this funny, awkward but social able type of guy, he was good looking though. I graduated and never ever came across him no more, but then I turned 25 recently and I've never been in love nor been in a relationship, I want to be in a relationship but not desperately to be in one. Well as people said you become religious when in times of turmoil 😂, I pray everyday and night to God. Then just last month there he was, Facebook suggested me to be friend with him, and there it's as if God is answering my prayers.

But then now I'm stuck, I don't know what to do. Always been in this kind of situation where I don't what to do then the next thing I know the ship has sailed. I can't let go this guy, because I let him go once and I ain't letting him go for the second time. He has become one fine extra good looking dude after so many years. What should I do? I think this is my only chance.


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  • Just add him and ask him out.

    Well you know " God helps those who help themselves"
    and God will show you the door you have to open it yourself!


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  • God isn't going to give him to you...

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