The guy I'm seeing is still on the dating site that we met on?

I've been dating a guy for a a bit over a month, (talking for at least 2 1/2) we've slept together and said we’d be exclusive. However, he still goes on Plentyoffish (this is how we met). We had agreed to both delete our accounts after meeting but I see he still has his up.

I asked him **** I hadn't been on pof in a while and forgot to delete it so I just did it. It shows u were on today... lol and haven't yet deleted yours either...
Have u not found what you were looking for?

His responce was **** I went on to all the stupid notifications
And I left my hair goop at your place shitty !!

He never seems to give me staight forward responce about his feelings towards me. And I don't wanna be pushy either. I really like him we have great chemistry and our physical Chem is outta the roof.

Should I ask him straight up why he doesn't give me forward answers to my questions or should I wait until I see him again and discuss it in person? We live far away from one another and have only seen eachother 3 times so far, Every couple weeks. He's also 6 ears older then me.

We have so much in common it's crazy and want exactly the same things in life.

Also before meeting he was all lovely dovey talking about the future and liking me so much and since we met hardly at all.


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  • Sounds sketchy to me. I wouldn't be surprised if he was still on and kinda still looking for someone more around his area. I would just tell him directly that you expected him to delete his profile because of what you two had agreed upon and ask why he hasn't done it yet, and if he gives you a roundabout answer, ask him directly whether or not he will.

    • Should I ask him now or in person?

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    • Well he was still looking for someone who lives closer in his area. You were right thnx

    • ahh sorry to hear that :/

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  • So much for exclusive.

  • Lmao cos he's still pulling duh


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  • He's looking for other girls. Move on. My ex did the same thing and he was lying. Please don't believe him.


    • I just texted him saying... you never answed my question though...
      He replied. What was the question?

      I don't know if I should ask it again and say ' well did you find what you were looking for in a person?
      Or just not even re say it?

    • He's playing dumb because he's looking for other women. Don't bother. I wouldn't text him anything anymore. Move on.

  • You can discuss it in person but honestly i dont think that he is well intentioned

  • He wants to meet other people which is normal considering you've been hanging out for a very short time

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