Iam unable of finding a girl?

I have a bit of a weird problem, i was kinda late to the dating game starting at 18 and a half, wasn't hot in highschool or evne interested in girls but now iam pretty hot and good looking to most girls, some confessed to my face some behind my back and i can see gorgeous girls eyeing me from afar... except i can't find a girl, i did date two girls but its just not working these days.

I like fair skin, light brown hair and colored eyes, but i have liked who are nothing like this, and they liked me too except... they were taken, like "getting engaged" kind of taken, i dont sleep around ( doesn't even work whenever i try lol ), pretty laid back and can play the boyfriend with ease (ex was more than happy)... i never find girls who i like and are not taken or they end up slutty and sleeping around, iam honestly not sure what to do anymore.


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  • Omg.. same here. I think maybe once you stop looking that's when they show up.
    Try to become these taken girls friend because sometimes if not most times they can introduce you to some of their single good looking friends. Try it out

    • its a bit of a problem since its weird and annoying being a friend of someone you like and also we're not like friends or even share the same lectures to being with so it makes it even weirder.

    • I've been there and to be honest it's hard. I wouldn't want to be friends with I like and they don't feel the same. Just try to be more open to opportunities and if somethings telling you to go for something do it.

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  • Lmao u asking it on site where thesr nerds still finding way to first base

    • iam liking talking to a couple new girls every week but iam simply not interested enough to make a move and date them.

    • Dude just go in lol you can't expect your tight end to catch if u don't throw brah throw it