Am I being played by this guy?

I have been dating this guy for about a month. We go out a lot and makes time for me. He says he isn't lying to me, isn't seeing anyone else. But in the back of my mind I feel like he is lying to me. I grabbed his phone the other day and told me I didn't have permission to go through his phone. He will be on Facebook but not reply to me in a timely manner. Like an hour later. He has tinder and says he is only on there to make female friends. He doesn't want me to bring it up anymore.

What do you guys and girls think?


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  • Well you do not have the permission to go through his phone! But if he is on tinder, then he is cheating or will. Tinder is not friends!

    • I feel like I should make a tinder and say I'm "looking for guy friends" just so he knows how it feels

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    • I can't think of a solution I want him to take it down but he won't says he paid for a year membership. But I don't believe he is just looking for friends. He ignored half of my texts

    • ok! Leave him ! You have been with him just for a month. He is looking for his options! He doesn't give a damn about you! And you are here asking strangers about that jerk! Who is the fool here?

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  • Tinder doesn't mean friends. Go with your gut feeling, and yes you don't have permission to go through his phone.

    • I never even went through it I was holding it in my hand. I tr8ed to tell him about tinder and how it bothered me but he still has it. Says I paid for a year membership

    • Babe the last time I checked Tinder is free... I feel like you could do better judging from this situation

    • They do charge for certain things now I looked

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