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I went on a date with this guy yesterday and it went very well; We even kissed and planned to see each other again on Monday. Thing is, even though he seemed super enthusiastic and really wanted to see me again, I haven't heard from him since yesterday. But I want to make sure we do see each other because on Tuesday he's leaving for 2 weeks or so. Some of my friends tell me to wait for his text others say I can send something. I feel like I shouldn't be the one to make the move but at the same time, because I feel like he's somehow bad at communicating on fb or at texting, that I should make a move. Good or bad idea?

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  • Just send him a text or call him already (just one and wait for his reply). Avoid this whole waiting game. It's totally fine to send texts early as long as you wait for a reply.


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  • Wait until tomorrow early afternoon. If you don't hear by then, text him.

    It's Friday, he might be busy and have goodbye plans before he leaves.


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  • a guy once told me that sometimes girls should do the first move

  • I'd just give it a little bit longer, like text tomorrow or Sunday if you haven't heard by then. Good luck!

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