Girls, Where to meet a good woman?

My girlfriend of 10 years just left a mini novel on my bed the other day saying she is moving out and we are broke up now that she don't want any man at all. I think it's her nice way of saying she wants someone else without throwing whoever he is in my face. I am a socially awkward nerdy guy that is not a social icon, like the suave guys that go out and three hours later go home with a girl, I could be in a roomful of women for three hours and none of them would ever know I was there. So where is a good place to meet a good woman and how the ones I have had were introduced by someone I knew and were not stable.


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  • Through friends/acquaintances or through your work environment. You could also try online dating.
    However, if you have just broke up with your girlfriend, I think you should wait for a while before you get back into the dating game!


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