Am I in a toxic relationship?

Little backstory;
I have been dating a wonderful girl from Minnesota for an undisclosed amount of time. We are in a long distance relationship. She's talented, funny, and a poster child extrovert. She wants her needs met, and has no problem with expressing them until they are met.
I, on the other hand, am more of an ambivert. I sometimes take breaks from social media (the only way we can contact each other) and such to have some alone time. I love sleeping in, but also like people very much. I'm also much more passive than she is.
Now, she has expressed her resentment to my online breaks a few times back, but we've come to happy resolutions. I have been taking breaks frequently, since school is out and I have my own time! I like to relax, or I get busy.
She gets quite mad when I check my phone much later than usual, i. e. when I don't speak to her because, frankly, I've been busy, etc. Not full on, cursing mad, just very annoyed.
Today, she simply left a one-word message "bye" in my inbox when I haven't talked with her all today. I'm really worried. I don't know if she's just annoyed, mad, wanting to leave me, or threatening suicide, or whatever the hell!
She loves me very much, I'm sure, but the focal point of this whole relationship was about her mostly, not so much me (which I'm fine with). But this is getting a bit out of hand.
Is this overreacting on my or her part?
All comments are appreciated. <3


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  • It sounds to me like she feels that the sun rises and sets in her arse and everyone ( you ) must show that she is the center of the universe. Bubble buster : I would not give a woman like this the time of day much less consider a relationship with her. Clingy and needy is one thing a control freak is another


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  • Well she sounds rather selfish. Have you expressed to her about your need for alone time? If you have, and she still gets this annoyed and upset, I think she's not being very understanding about you or your situation. A relashionship is supposed to involve two people, and both their needs etc. You need some alone time, which she should learn to respect. If she doesn't even try to understand or meet your needs I don't think you should stay together for long, a relashionship should be balanced. One person shouldn't just give while the other takes


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  • It's probably just a small bump on the relationship.. Then after than bump, you'll be all lovely dovey again


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  • Yes you are and she wants to leave you cause she said "bye"