I'm doomed to be alone aren't i?

I'm a college sophomore, and from what everyone on here and what little people i know say that I'm going to remain alone. I've dated two girls since I started college and both dumped me in less than a month😅 I sent sweet good morning and good night messages every day. I always told them when i was thinking about them. I always showered them with affection, but one moved and the other went back to her ex... I met them both online (after I had no success online for about 6 months). I have exhausted all single women ages 19-26 within 50 miles of me on okcupid, POF, tinder, and zoosk... I then began cold approaching women, and after the 20th try I've given up... I dont know what to do...

i can't join a club because my college has terrible club options.
Gyms out because I can't afford a membership
bars are out because i hate being around alcohol.
parties are out because again hate alcohol, and I have no friends so I don't even know when parties are.
(NOTE* please do not say to make some friends. I don't trust friends and i hate talking to people I have no interest in pursuing a relationship with.)
college/town events are out because well... My town is on the verge of bankruptcy😅.
i've tried the library with no luck.
my classes do not have anyone in them worth dating because I've already fulfilled my GEP so now it's only those in the same major as I'm in.

I'm lost as to what I should do. Honestly, I want to just give up. I don't really see a point in life since I cannot fulfill my own happiness.

I've tried hobby after hobby with no success...
i just don't know.


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  • I might be a weirdo, but I like space. Texting me all of the time would drive me up a wall. Maybe you could consider dialing it back next time you're in a relationship. For now, you really should focus on friendships. You're stressing yourself out by constantly looking for a relationship. Find another hobby. Get a job or volunteer. Move seats in class. Find a new book to read. Do something other than look for a girlfriend.

    • I don't want friends though... I didn't text them all the time. Just in the morning evening and maybe once during the day.
      Hobbies are useless. I've tried so many and gained nothing from them. There is no point in moving seats when 80% of the class is mem and the other 20% are women I really don't wanna deal with. I'm not much into reading. My depression doesn't really allow for much. And I can't get a job because I take 18 credit hour semesters.

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    • I've tried counseling and it did absolutely nothing. There are no support groups around. I've tried creative writing, poetry, painting, pottery, sketch, blacksmithing, and photography. Nothing helps. My meds barely do anything as is...

    • You need to see your doctor. You said you don't see a point in life, and that's a hallmark sign of deep depression. At this point, you need to realize that you're not well and take some serious steps in getting help. The hobbies and relationships aren't unsatisfying; the depression is making them seem that way. Please open up to a counselor about how you're feeling. Other people can be a bigger help than you might think.

  • "I always showered them with affection"
    One of your mistakes. Women are not special unique snowflakes to constantly shower them with affection and sweet nothings. They are human-beings like you.
    Complimenting them all the time makes you look sort of... desperate.

    "Gyms out because I can't afford a membership"
    Get yourself a part time job and stop whining!

    • I can't get a part time job. I take 21 credit hour semesters. Even this summer i took 18 credit hours.

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    • Why in the hell should i stick around? Life has no meaning, and why should I continue to suffer when there is a simple solution? Why should I continue to live when I don't want to, and I have no interest in living a long life?

    • You know what? I don't like people like you. You keep blaming other people, faith, luck or anything else apart from yourself about the misfortunes in your life instead of actually doing something to fix the shit you don't like.
      A/w, you're right. Forget I ever said anything. Do whatever you want. I am done here. I won't try to change your mind. I no longer have the patience to do so nor am I your professional psychiatrist.

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  • "I sent sweet good morning and good night messages every day. I always told them when i was thinking about them. I always showered them with affection, but one moved and the other went back to her ex..."

    This is all wrong. If you shower girls with affection and love all the time, they're going to take it for granted.

    Just imagine a case where you send a girl flowers on a weekly basis. That's going to be a part of a routine at that point. Forget a week and she'll start to think you're a jerk.

    Now imagine a scenario where you surprise a girl with flowers once in a blue moon when she least expects it. Now she'll think it's so sweet.

    Worst, when the girl starts taking your interest in her for granted, the guys who don't do this and stand as her equals, not eager to be in her shadow, will start to become a lot more appealing.

    Finding a girl sounds incredibly tough in your case. All the major options like networking, partying, social clubs, etc. are out.

    That said, whatever you did to get the girlfriends you had before, maybe keep at that and do it more aggressively (however you managed it). Then keep this in mind about how to keep them from taking you for granted.

    • Some of the same skills there for keeping a relationship (preventing a girl from taking you granted) also apply to being able to lure a girl's attention. It's helpful to be independent and assertive and kind of have your own life to lead. That's generally an attractive quality as long as you don't completely forget about her (balancing act).

    • I met her on tinder... That was 6 months ago, and I haven't got a match since then, and I've ran out of women on there that are within a reasonable distance away...

    • I suffer from depression (and I'm medicated) so I'm lucky to get out of bed in the morning. Living my own life is difficult enough.