Should I make a move or leave it up to him?

I met him back in Oct. first date we went for coffee, then to play soccer! While playing soccer, he would pick me up over his shoulders, hug me. He texted me that night and told me had a good time. I told him I did too and he would text me, send me vids about every couple days. My 21st bd came a long and I decided to invite him. He came and met my bros and friends. This was only our second date! I told everyone he was my "friend." Everyone noticed his arm around me and when I dropped cake he wiped my thigh for me. It was obvious there was more. They loved him, said he was such a gentleman. by the way, it was his bd that day too! Anyway, he texted me that night and said I want to keep in touch with u. Let me know how u feel. We kept in touch. Couple weeks later he it started getting cold so we decided to just watch movies. He kissed me for the first time that night and we made out. He tried touching me down there, but I'd stop him. I thought "he'll try to have sex!" So, he asked me to sleep over but I wanted him to drive me home. He did and Dec/Jan his work was crazy, I traveled. But he still would talk to me, tell me he misses me. When I got back from my trip, I cut him off. I don't know why I did that... Couple months later I contacted him again. He asked why I cut him off... I explained that it got serious w another guy etc, he said he understood. He talked to me, tried to meet up but only when he happened to be downtown. I got mad at him bc he never plans or sticks to it, I feel like he did it on purpose bc I cut him off. I got enough one day and asked how he felt and that I just want to see him! He was about done from work so he said lets do it. He came and got me, dressed so nicely, opened he door for me. That night, I let him "touch" me. He ended up going down on me and when I was going to return the favor, he said no. I'm surprised... It's been couple weeks. I don't know if I need to ask him how feels and talk, or just let it be. im terrified of rejection or being clingy


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  • What a bunch of bullshit
    Grow up all of you

  • leave it up to me ;)


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