Is he ghosting me?

So I've been seeing this guy for 3 months now, he started out VERY full on, would always come and see me at school would be texting me and asking me out on dates, he seemed to be perfect. He said to a mutual friend how he wants a girlfriend. he changed about a month and a bit by taking a while to reply and not seeing me in school but apolagised and said he's stressed about exams. He was meant to come round one day but he cancel at the last minute bc he was being made to work I got annoyed bc he didn't seem bothered by it but later I confronted him saying he was confusing me n I wantd to know where his head was at which he replied saying he likes me but isn't ready for a serious relationshp which I agreed with. I then went roun to his at the weeknd and it was so good he seemed to rlly like me and was saying things like "im so glad ur all mine n im all yours" "i love spending time with you" and he can't wait for summer to spend time with me (also we did stuff but not sex). But i hadn't seen him in a week n i said on text that i had a free house next week which he seemed excited about and saying he hopes he can see me n let him know so we were tlking all week (he was being rlly bad at replying tho) and i said on Friday i do have a free house if he wants to come round which he said i can't sorry i have family round so i was like oh ok next weekend then which he said i can't im watching a sports game (he's not even doing that now bc his team lostso aren't playing) so i was like oh okay fairs (didnt want to seem needy) and we messaged a bit normally and our last messages were him saying he liked my instagram photo and me saying "thank u!!:*" and he ignored my mssage. I thought he would message in a day or whatever but he didn't. He had been on social media aswell. I saw him typing Monday night but didn't send anythng so i messaged on wednsday (his last exam) saying hey haven'tspken in a while, he said hey yeah ik i said you alright?:) and he still hasn't opened it, what do i do?


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  • Similar kind of situation happening to me right now with a girl that I'm dating. I don't really have advice as I'm going through this for the first time myself, but hang in there I hope everything works out for you.

    • It sucks doesn't it :( all everyone keeps saying is to move on but it's hard to do that when you have no clue what is going on. Thank you, hope it all turns out well for you too

    • Thank you. It does suck. Obviously I'm no expert, but I don't think you should just let it go. I don't know if this is your first relationship or if you've had many (based on your age range I'm guessing not a ton) but this is my first and its been so awesome until this stuff started happening and I don't see myself getting over it until I have an explanation or until things kind of get back on track. As much as people say get over it, they have to know that if a relationship was good and suddenly changes its very hard to just not think about it. One good thing for you I would say is at least you have some amount of contact with him, mine says she will let me know when she's free and just never does (even though she isn't a big texter it still concerns me) and i dont know if ill seem overbearing if i keep texting her. Hopefully you can turn what communication you have with him into a conversation that will give you some answers.

    • Yeah I really don't want to give it up he seemed so into it which is the thing that hurts the most how he can go from saying all this amazing stuff to me and then just go to not contacting me at all, the last time we properly spoke though was over a week ago. He hasn't even opened my last message to him saying you alright (it's on snapchat) and I don't know if he's deleted the message or something? because you can't really ignore messages on snapchat without opening them so I don't want to message him again but I feel like if I don't then we may never speak again. This is my second more serious relationship and the first one ended badly too but the guy was a total dick, me and all my friends thought this one was different and more mature. I don't know i might send him another message in like a week saying from the lack of communication it's obvious you're not interested but I would have much rather you said or something but i dont want to be annoying

  • You should... do nothing?

    • do nothing?

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    • hahahaa fairs i see what you're trying to say, but at least the person says like sorry we forgot to take the link down or something, i'm just asking for help on getting him to say what's going on i'd rather be told he's not interested anymore than be kept waiting around wondering

    • Sometimes silence is a message we should not ignore. Often times words are hollow.

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  • I think he is. Don't do anything.