Should I just stop?

Ok so I finally got the balls to ask this girl for her number but she said you can give me yours so I did she sounded really interested and started asking me about my job and stuff because she always see's me in my uniform 4 days went by and nothing so then I see her at her work again because she works at the store by my apartment and she said she lost my number so I gave it to her again I know its only been a day but no text again I just wanna know is this girl interested or is she just playing games?

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  • Apparently, she never put Your 'Number' in her celly, @tonycooly7504.
    If it has been a few Days and still Counting, Don't Depend on her Texting. However, when you do See her, Don't Mention it, Neither... She is just being friendly to a Man... In a Uniform.
    Girls have a Habit of their own, much like Guys, to use an Excuse that is Best from the Rest.
    Good luck. xx


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  • When a girl said you can give me yours, it's a nice way of turning u down. Your number will probably go into the trash right after u leave. If I were u, I would not waste another second of my life on her. You deserve a girl who's willing to give u her number and be excited to hear from u.

  • Yeah, stop. She's not that interested.