How to make my boyfriend crave me more?

All the few relationships that I had I felt like I was always the one to give in more. Whenever there is a fight and we dont talk for a day so so.. I just can't stand it and I give in and make things alright again. I want the guy to go more crazy for me. I want him to be giving me late night calls saying I love you and callig me so many times like he is crazy for me. I hears guys like chase so should I not talk for many days and see.. I know im not unattractive and that I never cheat but I feel like my boyfriend dont love me as much as I do. So boys what should girls do that makes u feel frustated and that u call her and want her more?


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  • there's no hidden manual you know. and guys aren't all hands on and "give more" like girls. At this point, you are probably getting as much attention as you are going to get, if you want more from him, he's probably gonna feel pressured and pull away. Don't ask me why, it happens.
    You want him to pay more attention to you, then start being More than any regular girl. Do or say something that "regular" girls won't do, surprise him.

    • Yes weirda and difficult question I know. How about u? If u get into a fight with ur girlfriend how many days can u stay not talking to her? I obviously dnt wanna pressure him or anything

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    • Wow good for u.. mabye one day that will happen to me :)

    • you want him to crave you more? crave him less. In many cases, when people see that you can do fine without them or have other options, they tend to do what it takes to be the top or special one. One of the rules that served me very well during my player days.

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  • ... This sounds like such an unhealthy relationship...
    1. You two don't talk for a day when you fight. That's very poor communication as well as passive aggressive.
    2. You "give in and make things alright again". Sounds like you are just placating him and not actually fixing any issues.
    3. You seem to want an extreme amount of attention, which is pretty unhealthy and generally not good for the relationship in the long run.
    4. You are trying to manipulate him into acting the way that you want. Aside from that being abusive, it's also more evidence of the very poor communication in this relationship. You should be talking to him about how you don't feel loved and what you both can do to help fulfill your emotional needs.

    • 1. One day is too long for u? Wow.. but some couples dont talk for weeks when they fight? And they get back well together
      2. Well I try to fix issues.. try my best
      3. I get what you are saying
      4. U said im trying to manipulate him but then again u said that I should talk to him about what we can do to fulfill my emotional needs? :/

    • I don't know any couples who fight for weeks and have a healthy relationship. Getting back together and appearing normal doesn't mean the relationship is healthy. Taking time to calm down is fine if you then go back and have a discussion about the issue. That doesn't sound like what's happening though. Maybe it's just the way you're saying it but it sounds like you are both using the silence to try to manipulate the other feeling bad so you can get your way. And it sounds like he's more successful at that than you some you say that your are the one who apologizes to just end the fight.

      The reason you are coming across as trying to manipulate him is because you asked how to "make him" act more affectionate towards you. You can't "make him" do things and you shouldn't want to. You should ask and discuss. If you need more attention you don't sneakily try to change his behavior; you just ask him to change. Explain your needs and how you're feeling. Then you two can work to fix it.

    • Ok girl thank you!! :*

  • When you figure this out let me know.

    • Why? U also experiencing the same thing?

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    • Yea I have that problem too. But once I do eventually let it go I find myself really happy afterwards. All the anxiety of wanting him to act or treat me a certain way goes away.

    • Good for u :3

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