Did I Lose Her? Is There A 2nd Chance?

*Thank you for your time! I will do my best to make this as short a possible!*

Hey so there's this girl that I'm REALLY crazy about that I fear, due to my hesistation, indecisiveness, and being too quick to jump to conclusions, that I fear I may have loss my chances in being with her romantically. She's one grade below me (Me being a junior).
When I was first started to talking to her, I would do this thing where I would wait outside the class she was heading to and talk to her there. I had the same class as her but not in the same period. When my class period was dismissed, her class period would just be starting up. But anyway, as she was heading to this class, I would wait outside by the lockers and talk to her when she would arrive. But to make it look not SO obvious that I was waiting for her, what I would do is I would start talking to some of my guy friends so she wouldn't catch on too quick. The first thing I said to her was something funny about the teacher and the class. She quickly agreed and responded in a jokingly playful manner. She was quickly engaged in the conversation after that. We talked for about 3 min. and at the end of the conversation she said in a jokingly manner "So are you going to go to class?" with a teasing mockingly smirk on her face.
What I should of said was" Yeah as soon as you give me your number" with a smirk on my face. But instead I just told her I had lunch and left after a few more seconds of playful bantering. I asked for her name, gave her mine, gently shook her hand and left after that.

*Now here's where I fucked up at*
I don't know why but for some reason I started to actually let her beauty affect me. There would be times where she would hang near the lockers outside of the class and I would be standing right there next to her but not say a damm thing! Eventually she would just leave and head into the classroom. I would be so pissed off at myself for not having the balls to talk to her. I'll continued in the update box!

Eventually I did talk to her, but that was after at week and a half passed by. We talked, I asked how she was doing and she reciprocated interest back by asking me, and I eventually asked for her number and she gave it to me. Then during The following weekend, I texted her saying [Hey Wasup?]c:
She responded with [Who's This?] and for some reason I immediately took that as she was interested in me and didn't even bother to reply back. Now when I see her she Dosen't even bother to look at me.
The reason why I thought she wasn't interested when she had replied to me in text [Who's this?] was because I know she knows my name and when she had given me her phone number, after I ended the conversation I texted her my number with my name attached as I had already walked away. I didn't rationalized that maybe she just didn't save my number in her contacts. It's been weeks since I've talked to her and everytime I see her it feels as of she avoiding eye contact with me. Like I turned off.


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  • Won't she make you talk? I mean if you stand right next to her she'd say something to start a conversation right? I dont think you ignore her when she does?

    • She actually DID attempt to once!! I was so in my head that I just gave it a quick remark and didn't say anything after that. I was just so damm nervous and not in the moment. I didn't realize that, that was her way of trying to initiate some kind of conversation with me to build up on. God I'm really crazy about this girl!! I'm thinking about just calling her right now and ask how she's doing. Maybe even set up a date with her. I just want to give to her, making her life fun and exciting.

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    • Yeah your exactly right! Im always calm and collected by the way. I'm also very perceptive too. After since that weekend though when I had texted her, whenever would see her in the hallways whenever I would try to make eye contact with her to give her a warming smile or sometype of greeting motion, it was almost if she was avoiding eye contact with me on purpose. Is she pissed off at me? Did I creep her out? Is she just giving me mixed signals? Does she think Im too weak now? What should I do to fix this? Will calling really work?

    • showing too much interest is a killer, you know how we girls like ''assholes'' we don't but guys who don't show that much interest are the most interesting one's because it'll make us chasing you and not the other way around, i'm telling you should leave it at a casual greeting and see what she's going to do, stop showing that much interest and make no attempt of trying to talk to her, it may hurt you when you're distant but it'll make her taking a move

  • Its not too late! Talk to her more and ask her for her number. Good luck! :)

    • Summer break just started the only way I can contact her is via call or text. I think since I acted so weak and hesistant, I think calling would show off way more masculine strength than just a simple text. Plus a text would make it seem like I'm just using my phone to hide behind so I couldn't face her directly.

    • Yes, exactly. I agree with you! Don't hide behind texts.

  • Now she thinks that you don't like her. Call her on the phone instead of texting her and see how she's doing.

    • OMG Call Her? Do you Really think I Should? I would love to show off my masculine strength by doing that! Should I just ASK how she's doing or Should I set up a date as well? Calling Her... I will definitely do that if it has a chance to work!

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    • Just followed you. Mine's is Markus_179

    • Okay I'm going to follow you back. Remember to let me know how it goes! I'm so excited for you!

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