If you're attractive, is it easy to get fat girls in High School?

Before I say anything else, please don't take this the wrong way. I'm going into my junior year of high school and I'm homeschooled. Next year I'm going to a public high school for the first time. I've been told I'm attractive and on average I've been rated a 7. I've always been attracted to chubby/fat girls. My friend told me that since chubby/far girls don't get asked out much, it's easy for an attractive guy to date one. Is that the case? Please don't take this the wrong way. I know all girls are beautiful, I just prefer chubby/fat girls.


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  • yeah you can get them easier than other girls but be careful, because sometimes they're very desperate for attention and are a little crazy in the head (and might go overboard in a relationship as far as being too attached, jealous, etc), sometimes they're too insecure to be in a relationship and would assume you're messing around with them, and sometimes they really love themselves and don't give a shit about their body and would be totally offended if they even slightly suspected that you were going for them because they were easy to get. and don't ever tell them you like them cause they're fat. tell them you don't care what they look like and that they're beautiful to you. because they are beautiful, and unless they acknowledge their weight and make a joke out of it, they still are insecure about it deep down and prefer not to talk about it. I'm in no way shape or form speaking for all chunky girls, these three types of chunky girls are just the most common ones I come across and i'm not picking on them or trying to offend them at all. anyways, good luck in public school. it sucks ass unless you make the best out of it ;)


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  • Fat chicks are easier than Taylor Swift lol just tell em they look not fat lol

    Whyd u want fat chicks doe lol

    • Lmao! I don't know I just prefer chubby girls lol

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    • Not that id know bahahaha

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  • Yes. Anybody really who is ignored will usually be eager and accepting of any attention.

  • It wouldn't be harder then getting any other girl.
    by the way I'm also a homeschooler going to school next year, best of luck.

    • How did you like being home schooled?

    • It's okay I guess, I don't really have anything to compare it to.

    • Thanks. Good luck to you too!

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  • its better to be attractive to score any chicks.
    is this a troll question polocrew?

  • Yes.