Is this Girl being too flirty with me?

There's this Girl I'm friends with from University, she's in a relationship, but it seems at times that she's being too flirty with me. She is generally a shy girl, and was shy around me at the start, and I've never really seen her flirt with other guys too, but over the past month and a half she has done the following

-Stroked my hair
-Gone out of her way to do favours for me
-Is starting to me online every other day, even if I don't initiate a conversation
-Has touched my hand
-Says "I hate you jokingly"
-Has gone out of her way to ask me what my email and number is so that she can invite me to hangout.
-When she sees me, she runs up to me and waves
- She also never mentions her boyfriend anymore, if I mention him, she changes the subject, whereas before she would always find an excuse to say something about him.

Another thing too is that 2 days ago, I told her that I failed one of my exams (Really disappointed about that ) and she says "Well going out in the summer will cheer you up" and she left a winky face. I might be overanalysing but all of this is quite recent, and I've been friends with her since January, and she was never this flirty.

Are her actions too flirty? especially as she's been in a relationship for 4 years, we're both in our early twenties by the way.

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  • LMAO too much! r u sure that she's in a happy, satisfying relationship? Seems like she's finding new "buddies"!

    • Haha, I know! Well we've been friends for 6 months, and when I was starting to get to know her, she would mention her boyfriend randomly in any conversation. Over the past month-2 months, she doesn't mention him, a few times I've bought him up in the conversation, and she either changes the topic, or seems bored and disinterested when talking about him.

    • That suggests that she doesn't wants to admit the fact that she has a boyfriend. It either means she has a crush on u or she doesn't like her boyfriend.

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