Would you date someone who is very busy?

I am single, I think this is because I work a lot.

I work "shift work", meaning I work for 4-7 days straight at 12 hours, but have 4-7 days off.

So when I am working, it's really hard to text people, talk, meet people... just work and sleep..

I work weekends too, so it's hard to schedule a date with a girl if you are working the next two weeks...

So, am I wrong?

Or do you need to devote lots of time for dating and work a normal schedule?


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  • No , I wouldn't date a guy who would never have time for me.

    That would be a deal- breaker for me. We'd never be able to build a relationship. It would be too difficult for the relationship to progress. I couldn't be with a guy who was a workaholic , coz that would make me feel lonely in the relationship.

    • :-(

      I have to work a lot, it sucks that I don't have time for my dream girl.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Busy people make time for things/people they care about. At a certain point, you get to where it's not about being busy (because that's constant) - it's about prioritizing.

    I work about 60 hours a week and that includes very frequent travel (5 cities across the U. S. in the past 10 days) as well as training 3-4 times a week and volunteering on the weekends. I still find time for those I care about.


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  • It's attractive but I wouldn't date one because I don't date.

    However, I wouldn't marry one though because I need time from my spouse. So that's when it won't be so attractive anymore.

  • No, I wouldn't.


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  • Dude, I AM dating someone who is very busy.
    I'll give you a taste of her fucked up schedule:
    Full time uni student
    One full time job and one part time job
    Does kickboxing 3 times a week
    Does pole dancing twice a week
    Does belly dancing twice a week
    Goes to gym daily
    Walks her dogs daily
    Has a decent social life
    And is currently studying overseas for 7 weeks.

    And yet still has time to see me. Haha
    If you meet someone who cares about you, it won't be too much of an issue bro.

    • Does she not sleep?

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    • I don't know. She makes me feel like a failure at life because I barely have time to work one job, eat, and sleep haha. I don't know how she fits it all in to 24 hours.

    • This is perplexing me too, make a timeline! lol

      We will put together the puzzle.