How do you go on about dealing with loneliness?

Few years back I would have knocked someone out just to prove that being single and alone is the best thing in life. I use to preach that being single and alone is fine and dandy. Now I dred of ever making that mistake. Over the years of my own self isolation I grown to hate it, I grown to hate being single, I grown jealous of seeing couples in public or seeing former high school friends being in relationships.

I often go to sleep this days wondering why the hell can I have a tiny bit of happiness for a chance? I been hopeing for a miracle, but being an Athiest I know nothing like that will ever happen. I don't know for some people it's often hard to believe but life sucks being single and lonely. Being single and lone will bring you just that much of temporary happiness, my solution was to get a motorcycle for some time it was an outlet that brought some life and joy into my miserable life. But as with anything this was temporary. I guess my reasoning for a motorcycle was also some subconscious desire for self destruction, you know subconsciously I may have wanted a ticket out of this life, to stop my loneliness from eating away at the shell that's left of my former self.

I really don't know. All I want is to be happy in life, to have someone in life to share memories with and experience the same moments that others around me experience, but I guess it's bit to much to ask.


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  • We all need to feel wanted and loved by someone special. Someone to share our life with to create memories

    Feeling lonely can make you feel so overwhelmed with despair. All you can do is try to create opportunities for yourself so you get more enjoyment in life.
    Go to new places , try new things. That way you'll meet new people. Therefore, you'll have a better chance of meeting someone special. Isolating yourself causes depression and bitterness.

    If you want diffierent results in your life you have to set realistic goals to change your situation by creating opportunities , as well as changing your mindset.


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  • I think that a lot of people feel like you, as I do. Some seem to so easily fall in love, marry, have kids, then later divorce, and re-marry, but are they 'Happy'?
    I believe that some of us, maybe you, are a different kind of person, and we are destined to find our SELF, before we can find another. I'm not sure who I really am, or what I am supposed to do, so how can I be confident with another, being so unsure of myself?
    For me, I feel something, beyond what I can know, or touch, or understand, right now, but it is something that I should do, or need to do, to be who I am.
    Too Philosophical? Maybe, but it sounds to me like you are very much, like me, and things just don't 'fit' and everything just isn't 'right'.
    Shift your focus from the desperation of finding love, as that is a fruitless endeavor, as women 'sense' desperation, like dogs sense fear!!
    The harder you try to find someone, the worst it seems to go!! I've walked that road, and it leads nowhere!!
    Find what you NEED to do, to be YOU, and the rest will fall into place!!
    That's my theory, at least!!


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    That sad.

    It's more luck than skill that's for sure. Just keep on the lookout. Start having your self available in public places and never lose confidence despite rejection.

  • the witcher 3

  • I go to and pretend the person I'm watching is my friend. Or go to chaturbate and pretend the girl I'm jacking off to is my girlfriend.

  • I'm having the same problem.