The new guy I'm seeing is telling me he 'loves' certain things about me?

We've not been talking for long, maybe about six weeks. We started seeing each other 3 weeks ago.

We've really hit it off, got great chemistry and been spending lots of time together at his house as well as days out.

Recently, he's told me 'I love the sound of your heart beating when I'm resting my head on your chest' and 'I love your thighs' and 'I love spending time with you' and 'I love how daft you are'

He's even admitted that love is a dangerous word to be using. So yeah, is this an indication that he's falling for me?

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What Guys Said 1

  • be carefull and be smart girl dont fall for anyone that you arnt falling for yourself.


What Girls Said 2

  • It's really adorable and I'm happy for you

  • Yup he's already fallen for u