Is it ok for your boyfriend to admit he pervs at other women?

So, yeah, I had a disagreement with the guy I'm seeing to tonight. We've been seeing each other for like 3 weeks now. I don't know how it got brought up, but he mentioned something along the lines of: 'I like to appreciate women's asses or something to that effect.

I was like 'oh, other women?' And he asked if I was ok with this and I just said 'it's fine, you do what you want, I have nothing more to say'

although I ended up pretty annoyed with him and he ended up getting quite upset.

So yeh, i dunno it this is acceptable behaviour or not when we're only really seeing each other at the moment?

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  • We are animals it's ok to look at an attractive person. If you see a really hot guy you're going to look though. He was at least was honest with you about looking. If you feel that you are insecure then I see why it would be an issue. We all look. But how he said it was rude though. But you should go with your gut feeling he seems a bit like an asshole. You saying you do what you want, you gave he the green like to do whatever he wanted besides looking. Yes he should have eyes for only you but people will see beauty and look at it and that's fine too.

    • my mind rudely tells me about all the guys perving her that have seen her that day. she's starring in 532 peoples dreams tonight. she should dump him as if she's not already stressful enough.

    • Thanks, I totally agree with this.

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  • umm definitely not okay.

    The poll result is shocking.

    I know it's hard for man to not look/lower their gaze but it's not okay the way he said it.

  • I mean I can't speak for others but I wouldn't look at other men that way.

    If you have that understanding that's it's okay then that's a personal thing between couples but I wouldn't

  • As long as he isn't gawking stupidly in front of you at some other woman and going on about how nice her ass is, or flirting with other women in front of you, being disrespectful. Decide where the line is. If you let him do it around you, this woman is going to think you are swingers maybe. It's natural for guys to admire women, even look at ugly ones.

  • Regardless of if he told you or not he would still do it. Everyone does. You're a filthy liar if you say you don't appreciate something on random male strangers.

  • i would dump him

  • I think a generalised statement like "I like women's asses'" is ok.

    However if he oogles other women, or mentions how attractive he finds them in front of you, that is not ok. Even in the early stages, it is not only disrespectful and rude when he's there with you, it's also going to piss you off, which is not going to make your date very romantic.

    I think it's ok for men to find other women attractive, but they should make an effort to hide it in front of you, just out of basic manners. If he wants to talk about women, that's what his mates are for.

  • I mean it's normal for a guy to check out other girls. Men are visual beings. I think that as long as he doesn't brag about or make it obvious, it's okay. Like keep it in your pants because I don't want to know or see.