How long do guys wait before asking a girl out?

Probably a year now, he's single I'm single. I like him, he likes me. He's been asking about my weekends for the pass two weeks now, and not asking me out yet. (I'm old fashion so I like to wait for him to ask)
I feel like maybe he just waiting for the right time? Or he just taking it slow or shy. I don't get it.
How long do you guys/girls wait before asking a guy/girl out?

He semi asked me out once but I kind of turned him down?
He was talking to my guy friend beside me about a event and look to me and go "so are you going?". I told him "no I'm too tired". Then he goes " so you rather stay home then hame out with me?" And I. as like "yeah duh". So he just says that he's hurt and walked away. (Joking way)


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  • Come into the 21st century and ask him out. Gooooo on. Do it 😊

    • Movies or canoeing?

    • Either one. It's a day out. Just keep it simple. He can only say yes or no 😊

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  • A couple of months I think :v I think he's just shy.

    • I really hope so, cause I feel like if he takes any longer one of us is going to lose intrest soon you know?

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    • Ok maybe I will ask him out then since a lot of y'all suggestion that

    • Goodluck Asker!! Cheering on you C:

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  • Why turn him down? Ask him out your probably scared the poor dude.

    • I don't want to hang out with him with my other guy friend around. He's a rumor spreader

    • And yes I am scared to ask him out. I've never asked a guy out before. I feel like they'll expect too much if I ask them out instead you know? Like just sex if they don't actually want a relationship with me.

  • 30 days

    • It's been a year since I've known him and he only asked for my name last week. -.- maybe I'm friend zoned?

    • Maybe so

  • 0-60 in 3.8seconds.

  • I've been friends with girls for quite a few years and haven't asked out any.

    • Omg! You're saying I'm friend zoned?

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    • Well I can't say it all of them but I do.

    • Depends if you have interest in those friends or that you just see them as nothing more than that.

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