How do you know when a shy home schooled girl is ready to date? I'd like to ask her out but I'm not sure she is open to start dating now?

Long story short I have known her for 2 years and we are good friends. She is also my age. Long ago we talked about dating and she has never dated. At the time she said that she is not ready to date yet and has not found anyone that she would like to date yet/No one has asked her out. Recelty I have developed feelings for her and I would like to ask her out. I have been spending the last few months "working my way out of the freindzone" However I don't know if she is even emotionally ready to start dating yet. I'm also sure that with most people she knows suggesting she start dating and looking for a date. That has also caused some emotional push back against the idea of dating.


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  • There's only one way to know if she's ready. Ask her. I know that seems kind of obvious or annoying but you can't really know unless you ask. :)

    • yeah that is what I figured. It also seems kind of cruel to have to find out that way. Both to her and myself.

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    • Thanks and thank you for the follow.

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