How can I respond to this Girl?

I know this might sound dumb, but lately this Girl who I've been friends for 6 months has been really flirty towards me in the past month or so. The only thing is she has a boyfriend, I don't know what their relationship is like at the moment, however I have noticed that she has stopped mentioning him, whereas before she would always bring his name up in conversation.
Her flirtyness towards me has only been the past month-2 months, some examples are

-When she sees me in person, she gets really excited and waves at me
-She stroked my hair
-She touched my hand
- She asked me to give her my number and email, her reason for this was so that she could hangout with me in the future
-She goes out of her way to do favours for me
- Prolongs the conversations online, flirts with me quite often, and is talking far more often than she used to

I don't how to respond to this, shall I be flirty back, what shall I do?
I was talking to her online yesterday, and I said my exam didn't go well. Didn't mention anything about going out, and she responds with "Going out in the summer will cheer you up ;) " and she left a winky face. I don't know what to say to this since she's in a relationship, what should I do?


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  • She's cockteasing the shit out of you. However, I have to remind you that she has a boyfriend. If you ever decide to proceed things with her, she may end up doing the same thing to you. Be careful.


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  • if she doesn't care, why should you, go out with her

    • That's true, but just worried incase her boyfriend might suspect something. This isn't the first time she's asked to hangout, but she done it in a really flirty way.. She's never said `As friends` too when asking me to hangout.

    • well the boyfriend is always a problem, if you feel like he's a dealbreaker then just dont go out with her. or try to be discrete, one or the other

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