Guys, He left early on the date?

I know the answer, I just want validation from the guys on here. we walked, talked a lot, but after two hours he tells me he's going to go hang out with his friends. He calls them to get info on the where and when as I stand awkwardly. We talk for an hour more, laughed, he even got personal and told me very private things. Not any romantic signs, no words or physical moves. I've been on more than enough dates to pick up on good signals. He's introverted but he opened up enough at this point to suggest something. He talked to me like a friend, but with boundaries I'm assuming because he's a gentleman. I think, anyway. Eh, nothing here gave me the idea that something would come of this. A light hug, is all I got. The successful dates I've had lasted way longer because the date wanted to stay too, he couldn't break away. He mentioned meeting again, but I think he's put me in the friendship box.



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  • It sounds like it to me.

    He might just not feel that kind of connection with you, but there could still be a friendly vibe there.

    There are some other possibilities. He might not want to seem like he's too easy, especially if he's kind of introverted, and try deliberately to keep some distance and not give you too much attention just yet. It would be to give a vibe as though he's independent and not one of those obnoxious "nice guy" types. That's one of those "hard to get" tactics, and it has the possibility to backfire.

    It might be worth trying another date or two before jumping to conclusions just yet, especially if you enjoy your company. Dating is easier and more enjoyable if you kind of forget romance as the end goal and just focus on having fun together. It might still lead to a nice friendship if nothing else.

    • especially if you enjoy your [/his] company

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    • Very introverted. If I'm in a group of people, he doesn't want to be around, but apparently me alone isn't a problem. He's also great with his own friends in groups.

      I'm not sure if he's shy, I mean he warmed up to me in person after awhile because I kept talking to him and wanted to know more about him as friends.

    • Seems like he's at least quite comfortable with you. I find this situation very difficult to read though. I wouldn't conclude just yet that he considers you only a friend -- there's at least a few things there that don't seem to match up. Perhaps you can keep at it for a little while before you find out more? That's provided you enjoy his company nevertheless.

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