Being left out of the reunion?

My boyfriend and i have been together 4 years and we are both 26. We are moving in together soon and his family knows this yet his mom asked him not to have me come to the family reunion. I find this really rude and hurtful considering i have been around his fam a lottt of times and i get along really well with them. I honestly dont get it we have been together long enough that we should be invited to fam functions and vacations and such as a couple. This isn't a fleeting hs relationship. Whats even more hurtful is that my boyfriend is planning to travel the 3 hours without me knowing i was excluded and i feel like after 4 years he should be on my side and say look if you are going to purposely exclude the women i have been with and plan on spending the rest of my life with then i will stay back. But by not doing so i feel like he is basically saying he is on their side and is ok with excluding me. Thoughts? I hate feeling like i come second best to his family when at this point i shouldn't. My friends all say that if he doesn't stand up for me or put me first then he isn't as serious about me as i thought


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  • If he can't stand up for you with his family then how can he protect you? That's a red flag.

    • Yeah exactly thats how i feel. Likr tons of people will be there and i bet if they were married they would be invited but because we dont have that piece of paper im left out its rude. What about people who never plan on marrying are they left out?

    • You should have a talk with him about it, communication is key. Maybe his parents don't like you for some reason, again you should ask him.

    • No trust me its not that. Like i said his parents like me and normally include me and i been aroubd them a lot. They make it clear they like me

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  • I think the majority of people cannot stand up for their gf/bf with their family. But I understand your frustration and I'd probably feel the same thing if I ever was in your position.

    • Yeah well more people need to stand up for their SOs

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